Who are we?

IoT Architecture

smapiot is a growing company specialized in delivering IT solutions and services for the emerging space of digital transformation and IoT. smapiot was founded in 2014 and is located in the east of Munich.

We offer premium consulting services with expertise in architecting complex IT solutions and in designing digital business services. In our engagements we accompany our customers in realizing their digital transformation strategy all the way from concept to go-live.

Microservice architectures can be found in many backend system landscapes, while frontends are very often still based on rather monolithic approaches. This was the driver for us to put our second focus on creating services for realizing flexible and modular frontend applications. Our services will provide a solid foundation for integrating microservices into modern distributed web applications.

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Projects and Partners

Cloud Architecture


By architecting and implementing the cloud infrastructure based on the Azure Kubernetes Service, we contribute to realizing the technical foundation for hosting the cloud services for the RUBY platform at Windmöller & Hölscher.

Internet Of Things

Solution Architecture

Leveraging our expertise in the area of IoT, we support GROHE in architecting and implementing modern IT solutions as foundation for innovative digital services in the consumer market.



smapiot has been an early adopter of micro frontend architectures for large-scale web apps. After years of custom implementations we have initiated and are actively driving the development of the generic open-source framework named Piral.

Software Platform


Considering all aspects of modern solution architecture and software development approaches, we support the planning, design and realization of the next generation machine control software platform at Windmöller & Hölscher.

Platform Architecture


For the modular and flexible energy and facility management platform we develop together with the FE-Partner team the solution concept with a microservices driven backend architecture and micro frontends powered by Piral.

Frontend Architecture

Medical Record System

With our experience in realizing modular web applications, we provide essential guidance for transitioning the frontend solution of the OpenMRS system to a modern micro frontend based architecture.

Selected Previous Projects

Frontend Architecture

Customer Companion

We developed the architecture for a new microservice backend with a modern portal solution based on micro frontends. smapiot also provided support for the implementation.

Identity Management

Global Identity

From concept to go-live, we provided subject matter expertise and significant contribution in all phases of introducing a modern identity management system for the new Digital Service Platform.

Identity Management


For the product family of the EVANA SaaS offerings, we designed and implemented a tailored solution on the foundation of Azure AD B2C, which covers all essential processes to connect their key customers seamlessly.

Internet of Things


Driving the design of the overall solution architecture and orchestrating the technical implementation, we contributed to the successful evolution of the smart home system.

Internet of Things


We supported VREEDA with designing a state-of-art IoT platform, providing solutions from smart home devices to data-driven services, always considering the data sovereignity of the users.