The Piral Ecosystem

Our amazing micro frontend framework and cloud services for your portal project. Scalable, robust, and flexible in every dimension.

The Piral Frontend Framework

For realizing rich interactive web app solutions using micro frontends we created Piral. Piral is an open-source framework that allows decoupled development, strong scaling in every dimension, and integration with existing services. As solution partner we provide you with support for creating modular frontend solutions based on Piral.

Piral Framework

Planning to implement your future solution based on the micro frontend architecture pattern? Leveraging our experience, we are there to provide you with guidance and give you a head start - please don't hesitate to contact us for an initial consulting session, free of charge with no commitments.

Please see also or the online documentation for further information regarding the Piral framework.

The Piral Cloud

To provide a flexible and scalable user experience, it is essential to have the capability to load individual modules independently and dynamically into the frontend solution. The Piral Cloud offers feature-rich services for orchestrating the dynamic composition of modern frontend solutions based on the micro frontend architecture pattern.

Piral Cloud

Our Piral Cloud offerings contain free tiers - Cloud Basic and Azure Basic, which are intended for development efforts and are ideal for getting started with building modular and dynamic frontend experiences. The Pro Edition is the best choice for production workloads and can be licensed via our Azure Pro offering or directly as Docker container for hosting in your own infrastructure. Without any usage limitations, the Pro Edition offers an enhanced feature set including combining multiple feeds, managing configuration for your modules, hosting static websites and many more.

For further details regarding the features, please visit Piral Cloud or refer to the online documentation.