Products and Services

Smart Device Platform

Incorporating all our experience in designing systems for IoT and home automation, we are currently developing a technical platform, which allows the seamless integration of smart devices into existing customer systems in a reliable and secure fashion. Supporting a wide range of usage scenarios, the solution can be tailored to address individual customer needs. Let our platform represent a key building block for implementing your IoT strategy, leading the way to new business opportunities.

Our solution is available for preview on request. With a joint prototype development we can evaluate the potential for your IoT projects.

Professional Services

An end-to-end solution for IoT needs to address an extensive range of different requirements for each individual project. We support companies in realizing their individual strategy for digital transformation. From generating new business ideas up to the implementation, we partner with our customers in every phase of their transformation projects. Leveraging our broad experience in integrating intelligent devices, our core focus lies on architecting IoT solutions covering all functional and technical aspects.

Please feel free to get in touch and explore how we can accelerate your projects.

About Us

smapiot is a young startup company offering solutions and services for the emerging space of digital transformation and IoT. smapiot was founded in 2014 and is located in the south of Munich.

Inspired by the challenges and diversity of IoT, we are creating a generic solution for integrating intelligent devices into an existing customer system landscape. Especially small and medium sized businesses can benefit from our solution as basis for their IoT projects.

Based on our real life experience in the area of home automation and connecting devices, we deliver professional consulting services to companies supporting them in defining and implementing their digital transformation strategy.

Our goal is to assist customers in keeping their focus on producing high quality devices rather than building complex IoT systems.

Partners and Projects

innogy SmartHome is one of the leading home automation systems in Europe. Based on extensive experience in integrating intelligent devices we support innogy in offering a high quality and reliable product to its customers. Driving the design of the overall solution architecture and orchestrating the technical implementation, smapiot contributes to the successful evolution of the smart home system.

About innogy SmartHome:

iQuest is a German IT services and solutions provider with more than 18 years of experience and a growing international presence. We established a valuable partnership with iQuest on joint projects. Based on our cooperation, customers benefit from service offerings with a close integration of local and near-shore delivery excellence. In addition, smapiot currently supports iQuest in the extension of its local presence in Germany.

About iQuest: